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SETE, Only a few centuries ago, Mont Sétius was an island. The sea currents gave it its wings and the narrow bars of sand whickh separate the Etang de Thau from the Méditerranean Sea and which link the Mont St Clair to the mainland. This elongated island stretches out it an infinite straight line westwards towards the Mont Saint Loup. Relatively untouched by man, this long coastal sandbar remains a natural landscape. Along the Etang, wild reeds grow in profusion making it a paradise for all types of birds : White egrets and pink flamingos flock together.

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All along the coast, an enormous golden-sand beach stretches out for twelve long kilometres, uniting sea and sun ; a gentle slope of pale yellow sand against a blue sky. Like all other natural spaces, this one is fragile too. Its géological youth rather than man's  frequent contact have much to do with it : the sea currents continue to shape the beach and the wind never ceases to reconstruct the dunes.

The people of Sète are very attached to their natural environment and have undertaken the immense task of protecting it by limiting the number of new constructions and of defending it against nature's tricks. 

You only have to cross  the bridge to embark on an adventure, sang Brassens. Wherever you come from, you cannot enter Sète without crossing one of its magic passages. Bridges made of stone, of iron, rigid ones, swing ones, bascule bridges, they cross the canals and docking bays and lead you right into the centre of the town whose heart beats to the rhythm of the sea.
Sète was founded three centuries ago around the port, which was constructed by royal decree to open the Languedoc onto the Mediterranean. Despite the number of cargo ships, trawlers and sailing boats, the port is only small and is still at the heart of the town. As you stroll along the quays and over any one of Sète's fourteen bridges, it is like having the whole of the Mediterranean at your fingertips.

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